How it works

First, the writer is expected to read all the paper instructions before bidding. Once the writer places the bid, the support will evaluate the most suitable writer basing on your records and the level of expertise required. It is expected that the writer should provide the paper within the given period or ask for an extension. Extension for time deadline is not guaranteed, the support may decide to cancel the paper or reassign.

We allow writers to raise any issue arising, for example, the writer may find out the number of pages should be adjusted, in such a case the writer is expected to communicate with our support team as soon as possible. Any lateness or misinterpretation of the instructions may result to suspension and fie depending on the nature of the circumstance.

After completing the paper, the writer should upload the paper to his account and mark it complete. The writer is expected to comply with all the revisions requested by the client or the editorial team, failure to which it will attract a fine, suspension and risk of closure of the account. All the writings should be original; we expect our writers to portray a high level of professionalism in all papers.

We have bonuses to our top writers every month. Writers who portray a high level of professionalism are guaranteed a constant flow of orders. New writers are also given equal opportunities. The support decides to assign orders to write by the level of experience, urgency, and previous encounters.

Payment is made bi-monthly. The writers do not have to request the funds. The funds are sent to your PayPal. The support team must verify any change in the payment system before it is effected. We discourage a frequent change of the payment system to prevent fraud and selling of accounts. Any violation of the working terms will lead to suspension and closure of the account.